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 TRY ME  &  FIND MY FIT Additional information and shop policies

In order to receive assistance in securing your desired denim jeans, you must inquire via email or message via @denimdogz Instagram account. A TRY ME consultation is not required if requesting / inquiring for a particular fit, size, or style of jeans. ** If relying upon measurements the customer (you) provide me with, I cannot guarantee fit of the jeans, as all fit differently, and vintage denim varies in fits as well as I am unable to double check your measurements for a particular style or fit requested. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure measurements are taken properly for best fit. Should the jeans not fit when relying on customer's relayed measurement's only, denim cannot be returned or exchanged Customer takes full responsibility for any and all measurements or descriptions they provide via electronic messenger email, telephone, etc. 

If an in person TRY ME consultation is completed, denim may be exchanged. Feel free to email me with what you are looking for, and I'll be happy to assist you!

Contact: or via IG message

Shop Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee a satisfactory fit if there is not a one on one in person appointment or if there is a virtual appointment where I can ensure measurements are being taken properly. You will be responsible for taking & providing your measurements (which I am unable to double check) if custom ordering a pair via email or phone, web, social media, or a virtual one on one Try Me consultation. I will absolutely do the best I can to assist with a measurement taking guide. Should you not be satisfied with your custom order and/or pair from a virtual consultation, it is the customer's responsibility to ultimately ensure fit. 
- For In Person TRY ME consultations, if it doesn't fit, let me know and we will ensure proper fit, as in person consults able you to try on and communicate desired fit from in person measurements and/or by trying on denim / jeans in store. 
- Please note, DENIM DOGZ has denim that is not listed on the website shop, so please inquire about any fit or style you may be looking for. TRY ME appointments will include various washes, styles, fits, sizes, styles, etc. that the shop has in stock.